Stress and law enforcement is something that has only recently been growing in awareness. This is a field of work where employees witness traumatic events unfold on a daily basis. Because these first responders need to maintain a persona of strength in their line of duty, it is oftentimes difficult to acknowledge they need help from a PTSD therapist.

PTSD therapist for law enforcement

Law Enforcement and Mental Health

Police officers face a myriad of violence and death. Some see more death and trauma in one day than most people will see in a lifetime. Day after day in this environment creates what is called a cumulative trauma or cumulative PTSD. Rather than PTSD occurring from a single event, it results as these traumatic events build up over time.

Mental Health Statistics 

As the concern for mental health in first responders is gaining attention, statistics are growing.

  • One study found that 12 percent of police officers surveyed had been diagnosed with a lifetime mental illness, and 26 percent surveyed admitted to experiencing mental illness at that current time.
  • Another study done by John Violanti, researcher and police stress expert, found a 30 percent increase in PTSD between January 2020 to April 2021.

The rise in PTSD diagnoses among police officers is no surprise, especially in the face of a life-altering pandemic. There is no option to social distance as a first responder. So not only do they have a front row seat to death, violence, and other trauma every day, they have the added stress of contracting an illness that has no predictable outcome.

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