Signs Your Family Would Benefit from Counseling – Part 2

As we continue on in our three-part blog series, today we are going to discuss how family counseling in Boaz, marriage counseling, and counseling for kids can benefit your blended family. If you missed part one in this series, you can get caught up by clicking here.

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Blending a Family is Hard Work

Hormones, differences in personalities, diverse backgrounds, differing parenting styles, emotional baggage from the dissolution of a family unit, these are all factors that fall into the melting pot of a blended family. Just trying to make a relationship between two people work successfully is a challenge. When you add kids into the mix and all of the feelings from past relationships, you’re climbing a very steep hill. Take a look at the bullet points below for a sampling of challenges a blended family faces.

  • Differing rules – Mom/dad lets me at their house. Why can’t I here?
  • Hurt/Anger – You’re not my mom/dad!
  • Separation anxiety – A child clinging to their biological parent.
  • Jealousy – You treat his/her children better than you treat me, or acting out just to get attention when the stepparent is around.

These are just a few of many situations you could run into when you make the choice to remarry with children involved. They are also very normal reactions for a child. As you can expect, when the children are acting out, it causes a strain on your marriage. The good news is that there is hope for a happy, peaceful blended family through family counseling in Boaz.

Blended Family Counseling in Boaz with Garrett Counseling

When trying to create a successful environment for your blended family, make counseling a priority. Contact us here to request an appointment or submit questions. For faster service, call (256) 239-5662. Stay tuned for part three in our mini series on the benefits of family counseling.


Family Counseling Services

family counseling servicesFamily counseling services help address issues within the family that involve children and parents. It is designed to work with family members together rather than individually. Some of the issues addressed include things like financial issues, child/parent conflict, or even substance abuse and its effects on the family. The main goals of family counseling are improving communication among family members, understanding your family’s circumstances, and helping solve problems.

Couples Counseling

Everyone has heard of marriage counseling, which usually refers to an attempt to repair a marriage. Less commonly discussed, but falls under our family counseling services,   is couples counseling. It’s normal for couples to argue. However, arguing puts significant strain on relationships. Counseling helps you and your partner communicate and work through why you are irritated, anger or at odds with one another. Couples counseling can help heal wounds and set you back on a healthy journey rather than offer a temporary fix with no lasting results. Couples counseling is a way to help prevent a rift in a marriage that could lead to marriage counseling.

Parent/Child Relationship Counseling

Wouldn’t it be great if parenting came with a manual? Unfortunately, it doesn’t and one of the most common family counseling services we provide is between parents and children. Our counselors have decades of experience and vast skill sets to help you and your child navigate the tumultuous transitions through childhood and adolescent years. Sometimes all it takes is some teaching in communication skills and understanding your child (or vice versa). Children do not have the comprehension of an adult, so their thought processes come off to adults as skewed. In reality, they are doing the best with what they have.

Other Counseling Services

In addition to family counseling services, there are many other areas our experienced therapists at Garrett Counseling Center specialize in. Some of these areas include blended family counseling, grandparent involvement, guidance/career, and Autplay therapy. For any questions regarding specific types of therapy or to schedule a consultation, contact us by clicking here or call (256) 239-5662. We are conveniently located in Huntsville, Boaz, and Jacksonville.