Healing with Guilt Counseling

The Cambridge Dictionary defines guilt as “a feeling of worry or unhappiness that you have because you have done something wrong…” Guilt is a normal emotional reaction. However, if you allow guilt to hang around too long, it will feel like a thousand pounds. Eventually it begins affecting more areas of your life. Guilt counseling is an excellent tool to help cast off the weight of your guilt and free yourself.

weight of guilt, guilt therapy can help

Effects of Guilt

Feelings of guilt are oftentimes associated with mental health illnesses such as depression and anxiety. If left untreated, guilt can impact what you believe about yourself and have a negative effect on your self-esteem. When a person feels inadequate, it is very difficult to keep moving forward to pursue and achieve goals. Guilt can steal joy and happiness. It can cause you to avoid the person you may have hurt or even isolate yourself from everyone. Effects of guilt also present as anxiety, worry, upset stomach, regret, difficulty sleeping, perseverance over past mistakes, and muscle tension. In more serious cases, guilt can lead to self-harm or wanting to harm others.

If you are experiencing any of the above effects of guilt, it is time for grief counseling. Your mental well-being and quality of life go hand in hand, so it’s important to seek help so you can optimize your health.

Grief Counseling with Garrett

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Overcoming Guilt Through Therapy

local counselor can help deal with guilt through therapyGuilt is defined by Merriam-Webster as feelings of deserving blame, especially for imagined offenses or from a sense of inadequacy and a feeling of deserving blame for offenses. Guilt does not always come from events that actually took place. It can manifest through imagined situations as well. A local counselor can help you overcome your feelings of guilt through therapy.

Where Does Guilt Come From

Guilt is an emotion related to a sense of right and wrong. There are many circumstances in which guilt could inevitably follow. It could come from a decision we made that hurt someone or affected them in a negative way, or it could originate from a “what if” situation, such as running a red light. Thank goodness no one got hurt, but what if we had hit someone? Our mind then goes down a rabbit hole, and we could feel guilty over something that “could” have happened. Another common association with guilt is survivor’s guilt.

How Can Therapy Help?

Because guilt is connected with a moral code, sometimes just talking through your feelings about the circumstances surrounding the guilt is enough to help you feel better. However, when guilt has become such a weight that it affects your self-esteem and feelings of self-worth, it’s time for you to seek out a local counselor. Through therapy, you will learn what factors contribute to your guilt. Once those are identified, your counselor will then guide you through the process of acceptance and forgiveness.

Garrett Counseling is Here For You

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