How Can I Bring Up Relationship Counseling to My Partner?

Approaching your partner about relationship counseling can be intimidating and maybe even challenging. If you are struggling with how to start the conversation, we are going to discuss some ways that could be the inspiration your partner needs to jump on board with you.

how do you bring up relationship counseling

Approach With Caution

Not really, but it’s a catchy headline. Obviously, in the middle of an argument isn’t the most opportune time to bring up counseling. Number one, emotions are high, and the tone of voice when it comes out would more than likely be taken as a jab at your partner. It’s important to avoid “you” phrases. Pointing the finger at someone else is going to put them on the defensive, which is the opposite effect you want to have when trying to get someone to agree with you. Instead, try one of these suggestions below:

  • Choose the timing carefully – Make sure when you do decide to have the conversation it is during a time that is convenient for both of you and enough time that you don’t feel rushed. And not while emotions or tensions are high.
  • Connect emotionally – Tell your spouse or partner something you appreciate about them, or do an activity together to invite a peaceful environment.
  • Keep your voice calm and your ears open – It’s okay and may even be a good idea to ask to be able to finish speaking before your partner speaks. However, you need to give the same respect back as they respond and share their opinions.
  • Focus on Your Relationship – Don’t place blame, avoid too many “I” statements. Improving the relationship should be your angle, not changing your partner.

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Why Choose Garrett Counseling

Ashley Garrett of Garrett CounselingSearching for therapists in Alabama can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many things to consider when choosing a mental health professional who you feel comfortable with and will fit the needs of your unique circumstances. Ashley Garrett founded Garrett Counseling with the mission “to provide exceptional mental health care that enhances your quality of life with innovation and compassion.”

Services at Garrett Counseling

Not all counseling centers offer the same services. Just as there are a variety of specialities in the medical field, the same is true for the mental health field. Counselors can have a generalized focus of practice, but others have specialties focused on families, couples counseling, pediatrics, PTSD, trauma, abuse, or one of many other categories. It’s important to know your needs and do the research based on what you’re hoping to get out of counseling.

The following list outlines some of the many services our skilled counselors are able to provide to our clients:

  • Anger management
  • Divorce
  • Adjusting to life changes
  • Coping skills
  • Anxiety
  • Pediatric and adolescent issues
  • Couples counseling
  • Family therapy
  • Aging
  • Anorexia or bulimia
  • Grief and bereavement
  • Disability
  • Premarital counseling
  • PTSD

Garrett is also certified in AutPlay Therapy.

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The team at Garrett is specialized in a variety of techniques to help people of all ages from children to adults, transform, grow, and thrive. To serve the communities of Alabama better, we offer services online through telehealth visits and any one of our three locations, Jacksonville, Huntsville, and Boaz and we offer both English and Spanish speaking services. Find our contact information here. For faster service, call (256) 239-5662 today! Ashley Garrett invests in her counselors so they can provide therapy for you and your family that is second to none.


Three Reasons for Premarital Counseling Services

Although more common twenty years ago than today, premarital counseling is still a requirement at some churches prior to marriage. However, research has shown that participating in premarital counseling services has many positive benefits. Couples who participate in premarital counseling have a lower divorce rate. If you’re getting married and are not required to have counseling prior to your wedding, we have three reasons you should consider couples counseling anyway.

premarital counseling services

1. Improve Communication Skills

When you and your partner talk with a counselor, it gives them insight to your communication style. As a neutral third party, they evaluate what you both say without any emotional attachment. From this vantage point, premarital counseling services can help you understand each other better and bring to light things that may become an issue in the future that you might not even be aware of.

2. Address Issues Known and Unknown

Premarital counseling services are a great way to get a counselor’s expertise on issues that you and your future spouse have before they become more serious issues down the road. Maybe you disagree on how money should be handled and don’t realize it yet. Have you discussed what responsibilities should belong to whom in the home? What about a timeline for when or if to have children? Being proactive and working through any issues, big or small, is a great way to establish a firm foundation for your marriage.

3. Plan Your Future

In addition to a counselor helping you work through issues, they are also a great asset for helping you plan for the future. Your counselor can help with strategies to achieve your joint goals. Premarital counseling is the ideal place for you to discuss personal expectations and what your vision of a successful marriage looks like.

Take the First Step to a Healthy Marriage

At Garrett Counseling, we take pride in helping couples become the best versions of themselves. It’s our hope that you have a happy and successful marriage for decades to come. Click here or call (256) 239-5662 to schedule your couples counseling session with one of our skilled premarital counseling professionals.


Do We Need Premarital Counseling?

We are so in love, we could conquer the world. Premarital counseling? Why would we need that? Counseling is for people who are having issues. We’re not even married yet, so there’s no reason for that. Sound familiar? Contrary to stereotypical mindset, counseling is not just for problems. You wouldn’t apply for a job if you didn’t have some knowledge of how to perform the duties, and marriage is no different.

premarital counseling

Benefits of Premarital Counseling

If people went into marriage with the expectation of ending in divorce, that might put a damper on the relationship and create hurdles from the get go. Obviously, you go into marriage believing you have found “the one” and it’s going to last forever. Inevitably, life happens, and depending on how you and your future spouse handle the curveballs, your marriage will grow stronger, or it will fall apart.

Therapy during your engagement covers many important aspects of a relationship. Some of the key points would include:

  • Setting goals – This can be related to jobs, finances, social status, material possessions, etc.
  • Communication – Learning how you both effectively give and receive information.
  • Children – If you do or do not want children, how many children you want, and/or when to start trying.
  • How you and your partner handle conflict – Learning to “fight fair.”
  • Expectations – Male roles, female roles, household chores, work, stay at home, etc.
  • Money management
  • Intimacy

Past experiences and family dynamics definitely play a role in the view of marriage. It is important for you and your future spouse to understand what your view is on marriage and address any differences at the get go.

Trust Your Future With Garrett Counseling

Studies have shown that couples who participate in premarital counseling are less likely to face divorce because they are better equipped going into their lifelong commitment. If you or someone you know is an engaged couple seeking premarital counseling, contact our skilled professionals at Garrett today. Virtual and in-person appointments are available. You’ve agreed to a lifetime with your love. Invest in your relationship to make it the best it can be, and call (256) 239-5662 today.