How Couples Counseling Can Strengthen a Relationship

Relationship counseling is not just for those experiencing a traumatic event or those on the brink of calling it quits. It is a tool for people that helps build healthier, stronger relationship. Couples counseling also teaches us how to communicate effectively, resolve conflict in a healthy manner, and overall become better versions of themselves.

couples counseling or relationship counseling can stregthen a relationship

What to Expect with Relationship Counseling

The first session or two is focused on getting to know you and your partner. In order for your therapist to truly understand who you are and what makes you tick, they need to gather information not only from your present circumstances, but all the way back through childhood. Often they make connect events that occurred years or decades ago to patterns of behavior currently playing out.

If you and your partner have specific concerns or goals, it is important to voice them and be sure the counselor knows where each of you stand. You must be honest with your therapist and willing to do the work if you want anything to change. Even if you aren’t having any issues and are just looking to improve your relationship, it can only get better if you actually take the counselor’s suggestions and put them to use.

How Much Does it Cost?

Because there is no set standard on the cost of couples counseling in Huntsville, AL, you will find that prices vary. It is important for you to do some research to find a provider who can help you withing your budget. If you have insurance, call your carrier to find in-network providers. Patients whose choose in-network providers often have coverage with little to no copay. If you are interested in meeting with someone out of network, a discounted price may be available. Self-pay clients should ask about sliding scale fees.

Quality Therapy with Garrett

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Do We Need Premarital Counseling?

We are so in love, we could conquer the world. Premarital counseling? Why would we need that? Counseling is for people who are having issues. We’re not even married yet, so there’s no reason for that. Sound familiar? Contrary to stereotypical mindset, counseling is not just for problems. You wouldn’t apply for a job if you didn’t have some knowledge of how to perform the duties, and marriage is no different.

premarital counseling

Benefits of Premarital Counseling

If people went into marriage with the expectation of ending in divorce, that might put a damper on the relationship and create hurdles from the get go. Obviously, you go into marriage believing you have found “the one” and it’s going to last forever. Inevitably, life happens, and depending on how you and your future spouse handle the curveballs, your marriage will grow stronger, or it will fall apart.

Therapy during your engagement covers many important aspects of a relationship. Some of the key points would include:

  • Setting goals – This can be related to jobs, finances, social status, material possessions, etc.
  • Communication – Learning how you both effectively give and receive information.
  • Children – If you do or do not want children, how many children you want, and/or when to start trying.
  • How you and your partner handle conflict – Learning to “fight fair.”
  • Expectations – Male roles, female roles, household chores, work, stay at home, etc.
  • Money management
  • Intimacy

Past experiences and family dynamics definitely play a role in the view of marriage. It is important for you and your future spouse to understand what your view is on marriage and address any differences at the get go.

Trust Your Future With Garrett Counseling

Studies have shown that couples who participate in premarital counseling are less likely to face divorce because they are better equipped going into their lifelong commitment. If you or someone you know is an engaged couple seeking premarital counseling, contact our skilled professionals at Garrett today. Virtual and in-person appointments are available. You’ve agreed to a lifetime with your love. Invest in your relationship to make it the best it can be, and call (256) 239-5662 today.


How to Improve Your Relationship Communication

improve your relationship communicationEvery relationship hits bumps in the road and has its ups and downs. How you and your partner handle those situations says a lot about the strength of you as a couple. Relationship communication has the power to make or break your relationship.

What is Communication

Talking does not equate to communication. Communication involves not only listening, but hearing and understanding. It’s not about proving who is right or wrong. There is no shaming of one another in healthy communication. Effectively communication requires listening without interruption. Sometimes it requires empathy.

Communication is defined by Mirriam-Webster as information transmitted or conveyed, but if there is no understanding of that information, it can lead to misunderstanding and tension between patterns. Ideally you need to put yourself in their shoes. Try to really understand how they’re feeling. Focus and avoid distractions as much as possible.

Lack of Communication

Ineffective communication is a definite threat to your relationship. When you feel like you’re not being heard frustration and hurt feelings follow. You may become defensive and argumentative. As constant negativity builds, your relationship crumbles. Thus, learning how to engage in healthy relationship communication is a lifeline to keeping your relationship intact.

How We Can Help

Our therapists specialize in relationship communication. They will work with you to identify triggers, set boundaries, and give you tools to optimize the communication between you and your significant other. Learning how to communicate effectively also helps avoid misunderstandings. Some of the positive results you can expect when working with our counselors includes:

  • Strengthening mutual respect
  • Avoiding misunderstandings
  • Increasing trust

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