Benefits of Post Adoption Counseling

Raising a child is a challenging, yet rewarding feat. When it comes to blending a family with a child who has been adopted, the dynamic of challenges is different. It can be a bit more complex depending on the age of the child and what they have already experienced in their short lifetime. If you are considering adoption or have already adopted, family or teen counseling should be at the top of your to do list.

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Why Family, Child and Teen Counseling Should be a Part of Your Adoptive Family Unit

A counselor with expertise in family counseling services, particularly those dealing with adopted children, can help the adopted child work through trauma-related issues they are experiencing. Additionally, the counselor can help the adoptive parents understand what their child is dealing with emotionally and psychologically. Therapy is not a one-size-fits all treatment. Therapy approaches for younger children will differ from those involved in adolescent or teen counseling.

It’s important for the family unit as a whole to have an understanding of what helps create a cohesiveness within the family and what hinders it. For example, a disciplinary action you use with your biological child that works well could trigger disruptive behavior or unpleasant emotional reaction when used with your adopted child. Another example would be if your adopted child experienced abuse with their former family simply raising your voice could lead to upset. It is vital that you learn to implement effective techniques so that your adopted child feels safe in their new environment and they learn that they are safe and loved.

Professional Adoption and Counseling Services for Families at Garrett Counseling

Our experienced adoption counselors understand the unique needs involved with families with an adopted child. Whether the issues are related to trauma, attachment, grief, loss, or something else, we can help. For more information on our family, child, teen counseling services, you can find that here. If you are ready to schedule an online or in-person appointment, click here. You can also reach one of our advocate specialists by calling (256) 239-5662.


What is Body Dysmorphia & How Therapy Can Help

Body dysmorphia is defined by Mayo Clinic as “a mental health disorder in which you can’t stop thinking about one or more perceived defects or flaws in your appearance — a flaw that appears minor or can’t be seen by others. But you may feel so embarrassed, ashamed and anxious that you may avoid many social situations.” Most often occurring in teens and young adults. However, treatment through teen or young adult counseling is effective.

young adult counseling can address body dysmorphia

Signs and Symptoms

Signs and symptoms of body dysmorphia can include the following:

  • Extreme preoccupation with a perceived imperfection in your appearance that cannot be seen by anyone but you
  • Using clothing, makeup or even cosmetic surgery to cover up or rid yourself of said flaw
  • Frequently comparing yourself with how others look
  • Constantly needing reassurance from others about your appearance
  • Tendancy to perfection
  • Believing that this imperfection makes you ugly
  • Feeling deformed
  • Believing that other people make fun of you or see you negatively
  • Avoiding social gatherings because of how you view yourself

How Young Adult Counseling Can Help

Counseling helps an individual change their perspective. Through this method of treatment, someone struggling with body dysmorphia can learn how to view themselves as they really are and not through the skewed lens of a mental disorder. Young adult counseling is also a much less costly choice than cosmetic procedures. Additionally, therapy can give you skills to carry through your lifetime enhancing the value of your life unlike cosmetic procedures which are a temporary fix and may or may not have the desired outcome.

Contact Garrett Center for Counseling in Jacksonville

If you or someone you love suffers from body dysmorphia, we can help. Whether they need teen or young adult counseling or even adult counseling, Garrett has the experienced professionals to work with individuals of any age. We have three convenient locations, Huntsville, Boaz, and Jacksonville, and also provide real-time video appointments online. Contact us by clicking here, or for faster service, call us at (256) 239-5662 today.


Signs Your Family Would Benefit from Counseling – Part 1

In this mini-blog series we’ll address some of the many signs of how family counseling would benefit your family. Clients who have participated in family counseling in Huntsville have developed better communication within their families and found solutions to issues resulting in a happier, more peaceful home.

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“We Can Fix It On Our Own”

How’s that working out for you? How long have you been trying to “fix” the issues in your family resulting in the same results and frustration? Sometimes during couples counseling we discover a need for a pediatric counseling center too. This helps the whole family heal. Therapists are trained to assess, explore, diagnose, implement, and restructure treatment plans for the betterment of your mental health. They specialize in developing insight and dissecting issues that untrained people don’t have the knowledge to do.

Family counselors in Huntsville also have the experience that comes from working with a multitude of families. They are able to recognize the deeper issues and the need for pediatric counseling or teen counseling if necessary. Although family counselors do work with the whole family dynamic, sometimes it’s best for everyone for the child to see a pediatric counselor. If a teen in your family needs helps, working with a counselor well-versed in teenage issues benefits everyone. Sometimes, especially with teenagers, finding a counselor the family isn’t seeing helps the teen open up.

Family Counseling in Huntsville with Garrett Counseling

Keeping your family healthy and happy is important, but not always easy. If you know you need family counseling or are searching for “teenage therapist counseling near me” or a pediatric counseling center, contact Garrett Counseling today. We have offices not only in Huntsville, but also Boaz and Jacksonville, AL.  Our experienced team at any location can help you get the care your family needs with virtual or in-person appointments. Click here or call (256) 239-5662 now!


Family Counseling Services

family counseling servicesFamily counseling services help address issues within the family that involve children and parents. It is designed to work with family members together rather than individually. Some of the issues addressed include things like financial issues, child/parent conflict, or even substance abuse and its effects on the family. The main goals of family counseling are improving communication among family members, understanding your family’s circumstances, and helping solve problems.

Couples Counseling

Everyone has heard of marriage counseling, which usually refers to an attempt to repair a marriage. Less commonly discussed, but falls under our family counseling services,   is couples counseling. It’s normal for couples to argue. However, arguing puts significant strain on relationships. Counseling helps you and your partner communicate and work through why you are irritated, anger or at odds with one another. Couples counseling can help heal wounds and set you back on a healthy journey rather than offer a temporary fix with no lasting results. Couples counseling is a way to help prevent a rift in a marriage that could lead to marriage counseling.

Parent/Child Relationship Counseling

Wouldn’t it be great if parenting came with a manual? Unfortunately, it doesn’t and one of the most common family counseling services we provide is between parents and children. Our counselors have decades of experience and vast skill sets to help you and your child navigate the tumultuous transitions through childhood and adolescent years. Sometimes all it takes is some teaching in communication skills and understanding your child (or vice versa). Children do not have the comprehension of an adult, so their thought processes come off to adults as skewed. In reality, they are doing the best with what they have.

Other Counseling Services

In addition to family counseling services, there are many other areas our experienced therapists at Garrett Counseling Center specialize in. Some of these areas include blended family counseling, grandparent involvement, guidance/career, and Autplay therapy. For any questions regarding specific types of therapy or to schedule a consultation, contact us by clicking here or call (256) 239-5662. We are conveniently located in Huntsville, Boaz, and Jacksonville.


How Counseling Helps Teens With Eating Disorders

Counseling for eating disorders goes hand in hand with recovery from an eating disorder. Counseling for your teen is a key component in their recovery process. Teens who engage in a combination of eating disorder counseling and a treatment program have a higher likelihood to achieve and maintain complete recovery.

therapy for coping with eating disorders

What Does Eating Disorder Recovery Involve?

Recovering from an eating disorder doesn’t happen overnight or with just a therapist. It will take the involvement of many professionals to address the psychological component of eating disorders. When you and their medical doctor are ready to start counseling, the eating disorder specialist will interview you and your child. Then they will work to determine the best plan of treatment to implement based on your teen’s specific needs.

Benefits of Eating Disorder Counseling

Most commonly, an eating disorder is associated with a psychological component. If this component is left untreated, one is more likely to relapse. Counseling targets that psychological component equipping your teen with tools that will allow them a successful outcome in not only overcoming their eating disorder but maintaining their success as well.

Key to successful treatment is being able to address psychological factors that contribute to the eating disorder. This also decreases the likelihood of relapse at the end of treatment. Walking away with improved self-image and self-esteem are perhaps two of the biggest benefits of teen counseling for eating disorders.

We Can Help Your Teen

You have many choices when it comes to counseling in the Jacksonville, Boaz and Huntsville areas. Garrett Counseling has offices in all locations with counselors experienced in eating disorders and we have availability now. Don’t delay in getting your teen the counseling they need. Kickstart them on their journey to recovery and success. Fill out our confidential contact form, or call our office today at (256) 239-5662.