Counselor Chloe, LMSW

Location(s): Albertville / Boaz

Chloe joined the Garrett Counseling team in 2023, the same year she began practicing counseling. She is a Licensed Master Social Worker. She has Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Jacksonville State University.

Chloe enjoys working with teenagers. She says “Teenagers often go through a lot of different experiences and face a variety of emotions. I desire to help teenagers in recognizing these emotions and learning how to manage them.” Chloe uses an interpersonal approach to therapy by helping clients see how they are impacted by their social environment.

Highlights -
National Association of Social Workers
Chloe practices wellness by taking her dogs for walks in a park. She has a golden retriever named Crosby and two pugs, named Leo and Finley. A few interesting facts to help you get to know Chloe better: Her favorite books include "Looking for Alaska" by John Green, "The Outsiders" by S. E. Hinton. She also enjoys doing Bible studies with her church; one of her favorite studies is "Missing Pieces" by Jennifer Rothschild. Chloe finds a special connection with Monica from "Friends." Chloe says, "Monica likes to stay busy, prefers to have a plan, and enjoys helping those around her. I have these traits in common with Monica along with trying to be level-headed and practical about each situation that I face."