Chances are you and your spouse didn’t have a conversation on how to raise your children before their birth or conception. Typically, one just uses the parenting style based on how they were raised. Due to the fact that not everyone is the same, it is quite possible the two of you have different views on how the upbringing should go. If this has created some rifts in your relationship, don’t fret. There is help! Many couples find that marriage counseling in Oxford, AL, is the help they needed to resolve their differences.

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Exploring Common Styles of Parenting

How you raise your children has a significant impact on their self-esteem, confidence, decision-making skills, and much more. You have an extremely important job at hand. Although parenting doesn’t come with a manual, researchers have identified four parenting styles, and they explain how the different approaches could impact your child. Let’s take a look.

  1. Authoritative – A style where the parent has rules and consequences but also consider their child’s opinion. While maintaining a clear understanding that the parent is in charge, the child’s feelings are validated. Oftentimes, an authoritative parent uses positive affirmation to reinforce good behavior.
  2. Authoritarian – This style of parenting leaves little to no room for any opinion from the child. The child follows the rules, “because I said so,” and decisions are made without allowing any input from the child. An authoritarian parent tends to use punishment rather than measures to prevent unfavorable behavior.
  3. Permissive – The permissive parent will set but not enforce rules. The child begs to be freed from their punishment or gives puppy dog eyes, and the permissive parent caves. Wanting to be the child’s friend more so than a heavy-handed parent, this parenting style can lead to behavior issues down the road with the child.
  4. Uninvolved – Pretty self-explanatory. This parent doesn’t ask questions about the child’s friends, school, or extra-curricular activities, and they spend little to no time with their child. This basically leaves a child to fend for themselves and without question leads to serious issues with the child.


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