woman in therapy for self-care

Most of us go to the dentist twice a year and we get a physical check up once a year. Those both help us know that our bodies are in good physical shape and healthy. You should think of therapy as a mental health checkup that you do on a regular basis.

Benefits of Therapy

The stigma of therapy is that it’s for people experiencing trauma or a personal crisis. In reality, there are many things in our lives that with the help of a counselor we could more easily navigate. For example, raising children can be very challenging, and most – if not all – parents question their choices from time to time. Parenting doesn’t come with a manual, but a counselor has the experience and input from many others in your shoes and may have the answer that would work best for your family. That is only one example of a plethora of circumstances, but some of the overall benefits of therapy include:

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Better confidence in your decision-making skills
  • Improved interpersonal and communication skills
  • More effective stress management skills
  • Tools to change self-defeating behaviors
  • Confident problem-solving skills
  • Tools to utilize for conflict resolution

Talking with a licensed mental health professional does not mean that something is wrong with you. On the contrary, it takes a greater level of maturity to say, “Hey, I think therapy would be good for me.” Our experienced counselors are trained professionals equipped to address your specific needs and give you the tools necessary for optimal mental health wellness.

Whole Body Wellness

Your brain is an essential part of your overall wellness. You wouldn’t leave the house with just one shoe, so why would you get an annual physical and not keep your mental health a priority as well? Contact us at Garrett Counseling at one of our three locations, Jacksonville, Albertville/Boaz, and Huntsville, to talk with one of our seasoned professionals either in person or via telemed today. Call us at (256) 239-5662.