Although more common twenty years ago than today, premarital counseling is still a requirement at some churches prior to marriage. However, research has shown that participating in premarital counseling services has many positive benefits. Couples who participate in premarital counseling have a lower divorce rate. If you’re getting married and are not required to have counseling prior to your wedding, we have three reasons you should consider couples counseling anyway.

premarital counseling services

1. Improve Communication Skills

When you and your partner talk with a counselor, it gives them insight to your communication style. As a neutral third party, they evaluate what you both say without any emotional attachment. From this vantage point, premarital counseling services can help you understand each other better and bring to light things that may become an issue in the future that you might not even be aware of.

2. Address Issues Known and Unknown

Premarital counseling services are a great way to get a counselor’s expertise on issues that you and your future spouse have before they become more serious issues down the road. Maybe you disagree on how money should be handled and don’t realize it yet. Have you discussed what responsibilities should belong to whom in the home? What about a timeline for when or if to have children? Being proactive and working through any issues, big or small, is a great way to establish a firm foundation for your marriage.

3. Plan Your Future

In addition to a counselor helping you work through issues, they are also a great asset for helping you plan for the future. Your counselor can help with strategies to achieve your joint goals. Premarital counseling is the ideal place for you to discuss personal expectations and what your vision of a successful marriage looks like.

Take the First Step to a Healthy Marriage

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