Congratulations on your decision to begin therapy! Or maybe you’re already in therapy and feel like you’ve plateaued and don’t know what else to do. Today we are going to address tips you can implement to optimize the effectiveness of your counseling sessions.

counseling sessions

What Not To Do

Therapy is an active process, so naturally you will talk about everything and anything that may come to mind. Typically, one is in therapy to deal with negative feelings of themselves, circumstances, or life in general. The biggest thing to avoid is negative self-talk. “I’m not good enough.” “I can’t do it.” “I’ll never amount to anything.” The purpose of counseling sessions is to optimize mental health, and that’s a bit impossible to do when you are constantly putting yourself down. Another no-no is to hide things from your therapist. If you’re not honest about your feelings, actions, or behaviors, you are limiting the counselor’s ability to help you reach optimal mental well-being.

What To Do

The first step goes without saying. Show up! If you routinely cancel appointments, you’re not receiving the support your mental health needs to overcome the issues you started counseling sessions for in the first place. Have a goal in mind. What are you wanting to achieve through therapy? Another tip is to focus on yourself. Try to avoid spending too much time complaining about others. Remember, you are there for you, not those who annoy you. Prioritize counseling sessions by scheduling appointments ahead of time rather than waiting until the last minute. Progress is more attainable when your counseling sessions are part of our routine rather than a last minute addition to your schedule.

Learn More

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