This week’s website review is of the American Psychological Association (APA).

About American Psychological Association

American Psychological Association, or APA, was founded in 1892 and is the largest scientific and professional association in the United States, representing the field of psychology. This large professional organization represents more than 146,000 researchers, educators, clinicians, consultants, and student members.

About American Psychological Association’s Website

The APA website provides resources, publications, journals, magazines, reports, scientific research and opportunities for career development, continuing education, conferences and events. And yet, the most practical tool on the website is a search engine that individuals can access that provides a comprehensive listing of practicing psychologists. The search engine assists individuals in locating psychologists by city, state, zip code or by provider name and/or area of expertise.

American Psychological Association Resources For Professionals

Becoming a member of APA provides many membership exclusive benefits. These benefits include a plethora of opportunities including mentorship, networking, career development, assistance with practice management, telepsychology, support and leadership opportunities. Dr. Ashley Garrett, PhD, LPCS says, “Joining the American Psychological Association (or any professional membership) isn’t just a membership; it’s an investment in your professional journey. Experience the power of unity as the vast community drives down costs for essential insurances, embrace a world of knowledge through diverse research outlets, and reconnect with similar minded professionals. APA membership is where affordability, insight, and camaraderie converge.” Even those who are not psychologists can benefit from membership and all this organization is doing on both a national and state level. APA membership includes access to:

  • APA Private Practice Helpline: A helpline providing members with consultants who are able to provide information and answer questions regarding aspects of private practice.
  • Professional Liability Insurance: Professional liability insurance that may be purchased with a steep 20% discount to APA members.
  • Monitor on Psychology: A magazine published exclusively for APA members, featuring current trends within the field of psychology.
  • APA Connect Guide: A listing of opportunities for career development and advancement that connects professionals with peers conducting similar research.
  • Membership Advantage Program: Membership discounts on products and services that support professional needs.
  • Books: Members receive 25% off all books and printed materials on a wide variety of current topics.
  • Unlimited CE’s: Members may earn as many CE’s within a 12 month period as they want. APA members will save over $250 off the annual subscription rate.
  • APA Monitor+ App: The app includes resources, training and networking opportunities that members can download for free.
  • APA Fellow: Members who have demonstrated outstanding contributions and performances within the field of psychology.
  • PsychCareers: Provides members with access to other talented and highly qualified psychologists including a 15% discount on job listings.

Non-members enjoy access to blogs, articles, research, podcasts. advocacy, news impacting the field of psychology and a listing of upcoming events, including the APA 2023 Convention in Washington, DC.

American Psychological Association Resources For Students

APA provides many wonderful resources specific to students. These include:

  • Mentoring and Supervision: Students are provided with a variety of information such as information on how to obtain supervision, mentorship, applying to graduate school, locating accredited programs, and scholarships available to students.
  • Training and Professional Development: The APA website provides access to both in person training, webinars and videos that students can utilize to expand their knowledge base, view other psychologists demonstrating evidence based interventions, and prepare them for the workplace after graduation.
  • Exploration: Students can browse potential careers and career paths within the field of psychology.

American Psychological Association Resources For Clients

In addition to the great benefits they provide professionals and students, APA also offers information to benefit clients.

  • Psychologist Locator: A search engine that individuals can utilize to find practicing psychologists nearest to them. This tool allows potential clients to search by city, state, zip code or areas of expertise.
  • Ethical Code: View the ethical guidelines and codes that psychologists utilize to govern their practices and gain a better understanding of the guidelines that protect and safeguard your rights as a client.
  • Empower: Gain insights into specific mental health related topics by reading articles and listening to podcasts that relate to you.

The American Psychological Association website is a wonderful resource for all who are involved in or interested in the mental health and psychology fields. Check back next week for another website review!

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This review was written by Kara Groicher, LPC, CMHC – a mental health professional at Garrett Counseling in Huntsville, AL.