Today, we are continuing with our reviews of popular mental health resources with a website review of Mental Health America (MHA).

About Mental Health America

Mental Health America, or MHA, is an organization committed to improving mental health throughout the country. They state that their mission is “to advance the mental health and well-being of all people living in the U.S. through public education, research, advocacy and public policy, and direct service.” After exploring the website, it becomes clear that advocacy and public policy are a strength of the organization. The site has several tools for both counselors and the public.

Mental Health America Resources For Clinicians

For counselors, MHA offers several resources worth exploring.

  • MHA Career Center: For mental health professionals looking for a job and for employers looking to hire mental health professionals, this searchable database can be a great resource.
  • Research & Reports: MHA keeps research data that can assist counselors in providing psychoeducation to their clients.
  • Public Policy: For professionals, MHA really shines with their public policy information. Counselors advocate for mental health, and this website provides great resources to help with this – position statements, policy agendas, and information about their annual “Hill Day.”

Mental Health America Resources For Clients

The Mental Health America website is not just for clinicians, they offer great resources for clients.

  • Finding Help: This website offers information on where to get screened for mental health concerns, finding help and support for yourself, and finding help and support for others.
  • Get Information: MHA provides many opportunities to learn more about mental health concerns including podcasts, webinars, and fact sheets.
  • The B4Stage4 Philosophy: This is one of their most interesting resources. The goal here is to prevent and intervene in mental health concerns before they reach a critical stage.
  • Living Mentally Healthy: This section of the website includes resources on getting informed, getting screened, and thinking about mental health. This is a great resource for those looking to adopt a healthier mental health lifestyle.

Our Team’s Favorite Mental Health America Resources

  • Warmlines: These are unlike “hotlines” in that you can get help when you are struggling, but not necessarily in “crisis.” (These lines can help with crises, but they are not limited to only those in crisis.)
  • How Insurance Works: This is a great resource because insurance can be confusing.
  • Action Alerts: True to MHA’s dedication to advocacy, this is a great resource to find out how to help with their cause.

As you can see, Mental Health America is a gift for both counselors and clients. Stay tuned for our next website review next week!

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