Your first therapy session will start similarly to a doctor’s appointment.  When you arrive, there will be paperwork you’ll need to complete.  The forms include your insurance and basic personal information, medical and family history, symptoms questionnaire, privacy forms, and what concerns brought you in for therapy. Completing those forms at home expedites things.

first therapy session

Getting to Know You

The first therapy session mainly consists of your therapist reviewing your questionnaire and asking more questions. This will help them get to know you better. It will also help them formulate an idea on how to proceed. It will be hard to determine how long you’ll need or want therapy at this point. However, the frequency may be discussed during your initial session.  Future sessions will focus more on targeting specific problems or symptoms, exploring past trauma, and addressing any other pertinent information you may have brought to light in the first session.


Methods of Therapy

Therapists undergo years of training to acquire skills in a variety of techniques that aid their patients cope and resolve issues. They offer guidance in changing patterns or behaviors in your life.  Discussion through your counseling sessions will help your therapist create the best treatment plan geared toward your specific needs.  A few common therapy approaches include the following:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy – Connecting feelings, thoughts, and behavior.
  • Client-centered therapy – Non-directive approach to talk therapy where the client leads the discussion, and the therapist acts more like a guide.
  • Gestalt therapy – Focusing more on your experiences in the present moment.
  • Psychoanalytic therapy – Discovering and processing through painful memories and feelings tucked away in the unconscious mind.

Are You Ready?

Everyone experiences trauma, the loss of a loved one, hardships and uncertain times at some point in their life.  When looking for counseling in Albertville / Boaz, Jacksonville or Huntsville AL, Garrett Counseling professionals have the experience to help you.  Call us today to schedule your first therapy  session.  You can reach us at (256) 239-5662 or fill out the contact form and we will reach out to you!