What to Expect

Professional Counseling Services in Jacksonville, AL

When you call our office you will be directed to our scheduling desk where you will be asked several questions regarding your mental health needs and your insurance. You will need to have your insurance card available when you call the office. You will be asked questions such as:

  • Insurance Type
  • Contract/Member ID
  • Client Name
  • Client Date of Birth
  • Insurance Holder Name
  • Insurance Holder Date of Birth
  • Primary Care Physician

If your child has Medicaid, please note that we can not make an appointment until we have received the Medicaid referral from your child’s primary physician. **Please note: Alabama Medicaid is no longer accepted at our Jacksonville location.

Once the insurance information is gathered, the scheduling desk will ask about what you want to get out of your counseling experience. This will help us better understand you as a client and get you to the counselor that will best fit your needs.

Professional Counseling Services in Boaz, AL

Check-In Procedure:

To Our Current Clients –

We have a new check-in procedure when you arrive for your appointments. With this new procedure, the parking lot will be our “waiting room”. When you arrive for your appointment, please complete the following steps:

  1. Locate the sign on the front door of our office. Scan the QR code located on the sign with your smartphone (alternatively, you can visit this website:
  2. Once you scan the code (or visit the website listed above), complete the form by filling in the client information (or your child’s information).
  3. When prompted, type the access code located on the front door into the box.
  4. Select your counselor.
  5. Press “sign in”.
  6. Return to your car and wait until your counselor comes out to greet you.

*Please note: Your counselor will come out to greet you. If your counselor is more than 10 minutes late, please contact your scheduler to notify them.


  1. Escanea el código QR con tu teléfono inteligente o ve al sitio de internet a
  2. Complete el formulario utilizando la información del paciente o la información del menor de edad.
  3. Escriba el código de acceso (código en la puerta) en el cuadro cuando se le solicite.
  4. Seleccione a su consejero
  5. Presione el botón “sign in
  6. Favor de regresar a su automóvil y esperar en el hasta que su consejero salga a encontrarle.

Si por alguna razón olvido el nombre de su consejero o no lo sabe, favor de seleccionar el botón  “I don’t know

Puede guardar este código en su teléfono.  Lo utilizara cada vez que venga a una cita.  También podrá salir de su automóvil y habrá una copia del código en la puerta, la cual podrá escanear cada vez que venga.

If you are attempting to make a referral from a physician’s office please note the following:

  • Please fax the referral and contact information to our office at (256) 217-4162.
  • We will check their coverage and contact the client directly.
  • Once they have made an appointment and been seen by one of our counselors, we will fax a summary of treatment goals (if release is signed).
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