As you are sitting with your counselor sharing your innermost thoughts, you might be wondering why therapists take notes. If you have ever been curious but too afraid to ask, we hope the information provided here will help put your mind at ease.

therapists take notes

Breaking Down the List of Why

Why does my therapist take notes while I’m talking? Are they even listening? These are questions that might have come across your mind during your counseling sessions, and understandably so. The short answer is yes. Your counselor is listening to every word. Now let’s take a look at a list of reasons why note taking is an important part of your therapy sessions.

  • Documentation. Whether handwritten or typed on a computer, there is some basic information that is jotted down for every meeting. This includes date, time, length of session, and information for the next appointment scheduled.
  • Key points. While you are speaking, a trained counselor picks up on key points that they want to circle back to and possibly dig a little deeper into. Think of it like a puzzle. All pieces need to be reviewed before they can be fit into place. There could be something the counselor picks up on that is crucial to your healing journey.
  • Summary and wrapping up. Keeping track of the basic topic of your session, how it ended, and what recommendations were given for homework allows the counselor to pick up where you left off without missing any important elements.

Next time you see your counselor writing (or typing) during your meeting, don’t be offended. Therapists listen intently and note anything that could help with your forward progress.

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