With dozens of choices when it comes to licensed professional counselors, why choose Garrett Counseling? That is a valid question when choosing any provider. The information provided in this blog is designed to help you make an educated decision when it comes to selecting an Alabama therapist.

Garrett wants to be your licensed professional counselor

Convenient Scheduling

Life today is busier than ever. Trying to maintain a work/life balance is challenging. At Garrett Counseling, we understand the importance of convenience. That’s why we offer in-person appointments at any of our three locations in Boaz, Jacksonville, and Huntsville. We also are taking precautions for those who have safety concerns with regards to the COVID pandemic. To accommodate those who would like to maintain social distancing, online counseling sessions are also available.

Adult and Pediatric Counseling

Not all counseling centers work with children. Garrett Counseling is proud to offer therapy services for pediatric clients. Our team is trained in play therapy, Autplay, and other evidence-based practices that provide your child with the highest level of skilled care. If you are looking for family counseling, Garrett Counseling can meet your family’s needs all in one place.

A Licensed Professional Counselor to Fit Your Needs

Garrett has over 30 counselors with decades of combined experience. It’s important to find a counselor that you are comfortable with and that you feel will suffice the needs of you and your family. Schedule a free consultation and get a feel for the chemistry before you commit. If you’re not completely comfortable, we will do our best to get you with just the right counselor.

The Best of Alabama Counseling with Garrett Counseling

We know you have many options for an Alabama therapist. When you are looking to achieve a lifetime of mental health wellness, make the best decision for yourself today and schedule a virtual or in-person appointment with Garrett Counseling. Our licensed professional counselor are here to support you every step of the way. Call (256) 239-5662 or click here to contact us via our convenient contact form.