Why Should I Consider TeletherapyOdds are, you have heard alot about online healthcare services, like teletherapy, in the last two years. With all of this information, you may have found yourself, “why should I consider teletherapy?” Teletherapy can be a very helpful alternative to in-office counseling; below you will find a few reasons why.

Many adults are working from home right now, so the option to participate in therapy from home can be helpful. The client can speak to a licensed therapist live from their home and at their convenience.

What if you still work in an office? People who are working in the office can benefit from teletherapy as well! For these clients, teletherapy offers the ability to schedule an appointment during the work day then use a private office or their car for the session.

Teletherapy is also helpful for those experiencing symptoms or circumstances that make it difficult to attend counseling in office. It is often easier to schedule a one hour appointment for teletherapy than to take 2 or more hours from work to attend a session in-office.

Overall teletherapy provides many benefits. You will receive the same level of professional services that you would expect from an in-office session, all forms can be completed online for your convenience, and the technology involved is very simple and secure. All you need is a good Wi-Fi connection and a device such as a computer, laptop, phone, or tablet.

If you have been considering teletherapy, the counselors at Garrett Counseling are trained to provide compassionate, quality mental health care through this online format. Contact us today for more information or to get started.

This article was written by Suzy Mitchell, LPC, a mental health counselor as Garrett Counseling. Learn more about Suzy here.