The holidays are coming up, and the kids will be out of school for an extended period of time. Everyone is excited about the upcoming festivities and break from school and work. However, inevitably before the break is over, our therapists at Jacksonville center for counseling have encountered the same scenario over and over; parents are going crazy, and kids are bored.

Tips to Help You Through the Holidays

Jacksonville center for counseling can helpHoliday planning can leave you feeling like a tornado hit and you’re just hanging on for the ride. Between the meal prep, work, making sure the kids are taken care of, entertaining guests, and traveling, it’s no wonder people find themselves struggling to enjoy this time of year. Hopefully the following list of helpful tips can help you and your family not only cope this season but actually enjoy your time together.

  • Perspective – Remember what school breaks were like when you were a kid. Close your eyes and go back to that time in your childhood and try to grasp that feeling again. Remind yourself that kids will be kids. They are just having fun. Meet them where they are as best you can and cherish every moment.
  • Be thankful – Not intended to sound cliche, but counting your blessings can actually curb your thoughts that lead to increased stress. Fill your mind with an attitude of gratefulness and find little things throughout the day to be thankful for. You’ll have little room for stress.
  • Get outside! It’s amazing what a simple walk outdoors in the fresh air can do for the psychology of our minds. Make moving part of your daily routine. For some, starting their day with a walk is ideal. Others find taking a break and walking when they feel stressed is best.

Contact Garrett and Have a Happy Holiday Season

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