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Brave Play

Interactive, Experiential Continuing Education For Mental Health Professionals & Businesses

You will walk away with more knowledge, new skills, renewed energy, and meaningful connections to enhance your practice. In today’s fast-paced world and complex mental health systems, many practitioners feel overwhelmed leading to burnout and other health problems. Dr. Garrett designed Brave Play to offer you a safe space with unique opportunities to nourish your personal and professional self.

About Dr. Garrett

Dr. Ashley Garrett, PhD, LPC-S, RPT-S, NCC is the founder of Brave Play. Dr. Garrett has spent years working with clients as a counselor, providing supervision for counselors, and offering continuing education opportunities to professionals in various fields across the world. Explore more about Dr. Garrett and her background here.

Brave Play For Businesses
(Public & Private Sectors)

Brave Play for Businesses is designed with each organization’s unique needs in mind. The time for these workshops can range from 2-6 hours. These take place onsite and are highly interactive. Some topics that have been requested in the past include:

  • Business Ethics of Managing Stress in Workforce
  • Team Cohesiveness: Increase effectiveness with attachment theory
  • Developing Cultural Humility: How embracing individual cultures can improve team collaboration and reduce workplace microaggressions
  • Sleeping Sound: Teaching sleep hygiene and increase workplace productivity
  • Collaborative Communication: Getting out of your brain and into your work community
  • Corporate Mental Wellness: Getting in the headspace to prompt mental health

Brave Play Consulting Services
(Solo & Group Practices)

We can provide consultation on a variety of topics including: launching a practice, running a practice, billing and collections, HIPAA guidelines, marketing your practice, and more.

The fee for consulting services is $300 per hour.

One-On-One Consulting Packages:

  • 6M 1:1 Consulting: $2,500 for 10 hours spread out over 6 months, as needed. You pace yourself.
  • 12M 1:1 Consulting: $4,500 for 20 hours spread out over 12 months, as needed. You pace yourself.

Brave Play Auditing Services
(Solo & Group Practices)

We also offer auditing services for practices for $275 per hour with a minimum of 4 hours required. Auditing services can cover areas including:

  • Administrative Risk Assessment / Compliance
    • Review administrative aspects of charts for billing compliance and assess concerns that cause risk for recoupment.
    • Review administrative aspects of charts for productivity and company policy compliance.
  • Clinical Risk Assessment / Compliance
    • Review clinical aspects of client charts including: Assessments, Session Notes, Treatment Plans, Letters/Termination Documents, Compliance according to ABEC
  • Final Report
    • Final report of concerns and recommendations to address high, medium, and low risk areas for both administrative and clinical sections of chart.
    • Each chart audited will receive an audit report with action points that need to be resolved for compliance. This will provide clinicians and administrative staff with examples on how to audit their own charts moving forward.
  • Company Specific Auditing System Development
    • Additional training and best practices on setting up an internal audit program is available/ estimated time is 2 hrs to train your team of 2-3 professionals.
    • Your training will also be recorded so future staff can review, as needed
    • Cost: $475 for initial training and $50 per hour for additional follow up support for Q&A.

REQUIRED: You will need to have a BAA to be in compliance with HIPAA regulations that will allow Garrett Counseling auditing team access to your records.

Brave Play For Clinicians

Brave Play For Clinicians offers clinical workshops and training. Garrett Counseling is an NBCC (National Board for Certificate Counselors) and APT (Association for Play Therapy) provider. Popular workshops we have presented are listed below. Upcoming scheduled continuing education opportunities can be viewed here.

  • Sandtray for Beginners (Level-One): Sandtray for Beginners is a highly requested training opportunity. It is a two-day introductory workshop (12 hours) that teaches the basics of Sandtray and Sandplay ®, in play therapy, knowledge. Counselors will gain insight into foundational components of sandtray/play. Counselors will increase their knowledge in order to offer clients this experiential healing opportunity of self-expression, gaining access to the unconscious, and empowerment through creative problem-solving. Beginners Level. This workshop is perfect for teams that need to work through their own “stuff” in order to be able to show up and hold space for their clients.
  • Sandtray for Beginners (Level-Two): This is a two-day advanced workshop (12 hours). Participants will gain advanced Sandtray therapy skills through class discussion, lecture, and experiential work. This workshop will examine the principles of Sandtray techniques and will fill your therapeutic tool-box with advanced Sandtray skills to incorporate this modality with individuals, couples, and small groups.
  • Diagnostic Skills Using the DSM: This is a one-day introductory workshop (6-8 hours) DSM-5 revised provides mental health providers a greater understanding of the reconceptualized mental disorders with a broader view of the diagnostic process.This workshop highlights 3 of the more common disorders and classifications in the DSM 5 revised including generalized anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder, and adjustment disorders. Also, we will cover basics of the DSM manual and screeners.
  • Treating Panic Disorder: This is a one-day intermediate level workshop (6 hours) The median age at onset for panic disorder in the United States is 20-24 years. This training will give you skills to help clients defeat a variety of anxieties, such as chronic worrying, public speaking, and panic attacks. Participants will explore Panic Disorder and Panic Attack Specifier.
  • Ethical Considerations: Ethics workshops are highly requested, and we offer a variety of one-day workshops on ethics related to the mental health profession. We can cater to each organization’s specific needs.
  • Play Therapy: We offer a variety of workshops on play therapy history, theory, practice and skills. We can cater to each organization’s needs.
  • Developing Cultural Humility-Using the Cultural-Formulation-Interview: This is a highly requested training opportunity. It is a one-day beginner (or can be intermediate) workshop (6 hours). This training is designed for the counselor and play therapist in an agency, private practice, or school setting who is interested in learning more about using the Cultural Formulation Interview (CFI) as a play therapy intervention. We will cover the primary rationale and research behind the CFI specific to directive play therapy. Participants will utilize sandtray and Brave Play to learn how to engage clients in self-reflection of their own culture and how it impacts their mental wellness. Counselors will increase insight on how their own culture can impact the therapeutic relationship.
  • Brave Play Kit: This is a highly requested training opportunity. The Brave Play Kit is a tool used in therapy as a form of expressive therapy. Very similar to sand tray without the sand, the Brave Play Kit was developed by Dr. Ashley Garrett as a portable and less intimidating method of processing through experiential Play Therapy. Used with children, teens, and adults, Brave Play allows a person to reflect on their own life with opportunities to resolve conflicts, increase self-acceptance, and develop plans to remove obstacles in their life. Includes the cost of kit for each attendee.

Booking & Pricing Information

Brave Play has limited openings available for the remainder for 2024, and we are also booking for 2025. To check availability, email us at

Pricing depends on each organization’s needs. A good rule of thumb is $400-$500 for each presenting hour plus the cost of travel expenses.