When word gets out that someone had an affair, everyone wants to console the one who was cheated on. The reality is that there is more than one victim. Issues within the marriage are the kindling for which an affair begins. Our Huntsville marriage counseling experts have years of experience working with couples overcoming guilt on both sides.

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Guilt Isn’t Just For The Cheater

Affairs don’t just happen out of the blue. There is always an underlying cause that starts the unfortunate chain of events. At the end of it all, both partners are hurt, frustrated, and dealing with feelings of guilt. For the partner who was betrayed, they think the affair was because they weren’t a good enough spouse. Maybe there was something they could have done differently or better that would have prevented the affair. For the one who cheated, there is guilt from the obvious. They broke the marriage vows and deeply hurt the one they promised to love until death do you part.

What To Do Now  

The first step to breaking the cheating cycle and opening the door to healing is to understand why the cheating happened in the first place. Is it something from childhood? Was there something else within the marriage? Whatever the root of the issue is, a couples counselor can help you figure it out and guide you on the next steps to repair your marriage and safeguard it from future infidelity.

Find Healing Through Huntsville Marriage Counseling with Garrett Counseling

If you are struggling with guilt stemming from infidelity in your marriage, you are not alone. Reach out to one of our compassionate Huntsville marriage counseling team today. With expertise in couples counseling, we have therapists who can assist you with overcoming guilt and determining why you made the choices you made. Contact us by calling (256) 239-5662, or you can send a message through our online portal here.