A depression counselor is a specialist who helps people suffering from various mental health issues. As per the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), about 25% of adults in the US are struggling with depression.

Depression, attributed to sadness, worry, and feelings of despair, is a significant mood disorder. It affects your decisions, thoughts, and your everyday life. It can lead to suicidal thoughts if not treated early. Anytime you feel like you are no longer getting pleasure from the things you once loved, you could become a victim of depression.

People tend to assume that depression occurs in people of a specific age, especially adults. But that’s not the case; anyone can experience depression. The good news is depression is treatable. Our experienced counselors here at Garrett Counseling offer a safe space to help you deal with various circumstances.


Who is a Depression Counselor?

A depression counselor is a licensed mental health professional who assesses, diagnoses, and treats people with mental health issues. Most of these counselors have earned an extra degree in psychiatric care hence known as psychiatrists.

Our trained depression counselors attend to serious life concerns that could lead to depression, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Grief
  • Career transitions
  • Sexual exploration
  • Family dynamics
  • Trauma

You’ve probably had situations when you have felt so low.

No matter what you are dealing with, speaking your problem out certainly brings some relief even if you don’t recover completely. As such, you should seek an experienced depression therapist in Jasper, Alabama, to provide you with a listening ear.


Who Should Go For Depression Counseling?

The numbers of people living with depression are staggering. Even worse, most of these people don’t get to access any mental health services. Our depression counseling services are for people who feel lost. That is, they don’t live in the present and often base their thoughts on what happened in the past.

We understand that you may have gone through a life-threatening situation such as the loss of a loved one, sexual assault, or a near-death experience affecting you daily. Instead of sitting with many disturbing thoughts and emotions, it would be best if you visited a therapist.

Our vetted therapists use a mix of tools, including eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), to help you out. We help you recognize the issues holding you back and teach you how to banish them.

Adulthood comes with many responsibilities; you must balance your job, raise kids, take care of your home, and maintain your well-being. When issues get out of hand, you should seek support. If you’re unsure whether to talk to your parents, partner, or friends about a problematic issue, then it’s advisable to seek the help of a professional counselor. Our team will give you a safe space to pour out your emotions. We listen to you and give you techniques for perfectly managing the issue.


What Should You Expect?

When you sign up with us, you’ll get in touch with one of our professionals, who will link you with your therapist. They’ll book an appointment according to your schedule. You’ll come for sessions, speak out your concerns and receive support from our renowned therapists. One thing about us, we will follow up on your case and contact you periodically to ensure you are gaining from our sessions.

Garrett Counseling has spared three locations specifically dealing with adult-related depression issues in Alabama; Jacksonville, Boaz, and Huntsville. Our therapy sessions occur in cozy, safe spaces free from environmental stressors. We want you to feel at ease when you talk to us. Besides, our therapists are friendly and always create a welcoming environment to build a rapport with clients. Remember, you are most likely to learn much more from a counseling session if you are open and honest with your therapist.

Some people find it hard to talk in physical settings, and that’s okay. We understand that some situations can be so challenging that you cannot leave your house. We came up with online counseling as an option for those who prefer to have therapy from home. Our online sessions are the same as face-to-face meetings; they take place through real-time videos. Potential clients who wish to inquire about online counseling can reach out to our team via our contact form.


Take The Next Step

Are you struggling with depression? It is time to visit an experienced counselor. Here at Garrett Counseling, we give you the support you need to transform, grow and thrive no matter your past experiences. Contact us today or fill out our contact forms from our website to get started.