Imagine | Garrett Counseling | Huntsville ALImagine is a great product for parents, educators, and counselors looking to connect children to feelings of inner peace and calm while also empowering them for personal growth. Through meditation and mindfulness, imagine, this deck first teaches children basic breathing exercises to help the child learn to relax, balance their thoughts, and experience feelings as they ebb and flow. Once the child is able to engage in the breathing experience, you choose another card to guide you through an experience. This ranges from cards focusing on abundance of joy to visual imagery embracing feeling safe and empowered. The deck has 26 guided meditations for kids of all ages that can lower stress while increasing self-esteem and resilience to stress.

My favorite part, besides the ease to engage children, is the beautiful artwork and language to bring the child into the present moment using all senses. I highly recommend for counselors who want to expand their collection of tools. However, it is so easy to practice that parents can greatly benefit from using these at bedtime or during “time in” where a child is working to self-soothe and return to a normal state of self-regulation.

The cards can be found here.

Imagine | Garrett Counseling | Huntsville AL    Imagine | Garrett Counseling | Huntsville AL