Welcome to part two of our two-series blog on common modern therapy terms. We chose this topic to help educate society on therapy terms that are commonly used in family counseling services but may be misunderstood or not understood at all. In part one of our blog for the Boaz center for counseling, we explained gaslighting, codependency, self-care and burnout. Let’s continue on and see what part two has in store.

Boaz center for counseling defines common therapy terms

Defining Medical Health Terms

Moving into our second segment of the most common therapy terms, the first one is a type therapy called cognitive-behavioral therapy. This method of therapy is based on the idea that the individual’s thought processes are faulty. The therapist takes the lead in this approach and helps change behaviors or patterns by changing the way you think.

Body dysmorphia is the next term we are going to look at. It means that you perceive a flaw in your physical appearance that others can’t see or may not even be there, and it affects you to the point you avoid social situations because you feel embarrassed. This is not to an eating disorder. Someone with an eating disorder focuses on the weight and shape of their body. A person with body dysmorphia hones in on one specific area or a particular flaw they see.

Therapist is definitely one of the most common terms in mental health conversations. Although there are different types of therapists, the objective is the same – someone who treats mental illness with a certain type of therapy. The term therapist could include a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a licensed mental health counselor, marriage counselor, or a family counselor

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Hopefully the terms we have reviewed in this two-part series has helped answer some questions or taught you something new. If you still have questions about a term used in your therapy session, just ask during your appointment. Or, you can submit questions or request an appointment in our Huntsville, Jacksonville, or Boaz center for counseling, click this link to complete a short form, or call (256) 239-5662 today.