Why Consider Marriage Counseling“Marriage Counseling”… For many those words are a sign of doom. But is marriage counseling really just a precursor to divorce? Can it actually be a life raft for a relationship that feels to be drowning? Is it worth trying? In this blog, we are going to answer those questions and explain why to consider counseling for your relationship.

Breaking The Stigma

Marriage counseling does not have to be a stop on the way to divorce. Unfortunately, seeking help for relationships can come with a heavy stigma in our society. However, the truth is that counseling can be powerful and enriching for your marriage. Life and relationships both come with ups and downs, and sometimes, those downs may require extra assistance.

When To Consider Marriage Counseling

Now that we know marriage counseling can be beneficial, you may be asking “how do I know when to seek help?” First, it is important to note that anytime you or your partner feel your relationship could benefit from the help of a counselor, counseling is worth the consideration! With that said, here are some indicators that your relationship could benefit from counseling:

  • Communication Issues: If you and your spouse are struggling to talk about important issues, feelings, or anything else, counseling can likely help! Communication is the number one reason most couples seek help.
  • Hostility: If you are dealing with hostility in your marriage, a therapist can help find the root of the issue and promote techniques to overcome hostile feelings and behaviors.
  • Distance: If you feel distant from your partner, counseling can be a place to talk about why either of you has been closed off or distant and then find ways to address those reasons.

If you feel your marriage could benefit from marriage counseling, we encourage you to seek the help of a licensed professional. At Garrett Counseling, our team is trained to work with you and your spouse as you seek a healthy, fulfilling relationship. Contact us today online or at (256) 239-5662 to get started.