We are very excited to share our new mural with you. Our Courage to Bloom mural was designed and painted by counselor and mental health artist, Lynsey Leopard, ALC #C3307A (under the supervision of Leah Simmons, LPC-S #3334).

A Few Words From Counselor Lynsey:

The power of nature is something we all share. We are connected on a deep level and we can celebrate that.

When I first saw the location of our new mural I was so excited to begin! This was a really special mural for me as it was my very first mural completed. I knew Garrett Counseling’s values of growth, mental health, and inclusivity needed to be a part of the mural but I didn’t know how. It wasn’t until recently when I gathered inspiration from other murals and artworks that it all came together for me. The mural embodies the courage it takes for people, from various communities and differing paths, to bloom into their fullness while acknowledging the barriers along the way. Courage to Bloom

The mural includes calming and traditional symbols of transformation incorporated into a calm, empowered figure. When gathering feedback from some of our African American counselors, they mentioned how moved they were by the mural elements. They were proud to see art that reflected African Americans and encouraged comfort during a difficult time. 

Together we can look at the beautiful moments of growth that happen in our lives and the world around us.

How The Mural Came Together:

This article was written by counselor and mental health artist, Lynsey Leopard. Learn more about Lynsey here.